"I just want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for putting on such a great show, my client Coke-Cola was very satisfied with the entire night, the feedback received has been fantastic, thank you once again for your contribution.Look forward to working together in the near future."
Nadia Jacob - Take One Productions
Coca - Cola
I have to say that Bill Wheeler gave one of the most intriguing and funniest performances that I have ever seen. He was an absolute hit wth our 500-plus audience and made our evening for Bing Lee something very special.
Joanna Ingley
Bing Lee - Group Marketing Manager
"Bill performed at our awards night and really topped off the evening for the team. Through the hypnotism of some of the team, Bill really drew in the audience and the entire room was captivated. The night was hilarious, with some people complaining the next day of sore stomachs from laughing too much. Bill's performance was at all times very professional and polically correct, while still being incredibly amusing and entertaining.

Thanks Bill!"
Nat Brown
Cadbury Schweppes - State Account Manager
"Just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous performance at our sales and marketing conference last week. It really was fantastic and had everyone enthralled by the performance. It really is amazing how hypnosis works and the effect it has on people, something that has to be seen to be believed. The response I have received so far from those who attended the conference has been great and many say it was the highlight of the night. I don't think i've laughed so much in ages, it was hilarious. I would recommend you to anyway who is looking for a night full of laughs and some fun entertainment at their next event."
Leigh Cresswell
Fuji Xerox - Marketing Assistant
"Bill Wheeler, has entertained our most valuable clients at various Flight Centre conferences. We have had fantastic feedback from Flight Centre about Bill's performance. His ability to adapt to a variety of audiences while making it relate to the key messages we, British Airways are trying to promote, has made Bill a key attraction at our conferences. Bill's understands our needs and taylor makes his performance to meet them, ensuring that our most valued clients will be entertained - it's a performance to remember, with lots of laughs and audience participation."
Nicole Backo
British Airways
"Bill Wheeler's hypnotist show was the talk of the town before the HP Starlight team trivia night. It certainly did not disappoint. The feedback from our attendees was that they had not laughed so much in years and were mesmerized by the antics on stage.

With Bill's help we were able to raise over $30,000 for the Starlight Foundation Australia.

Most importantly the feedback was it was the best fundraising event people had been to and without Bill's help, we could not have pulled it off. People are asking about next year, and we certainly hope Bill will be part of our event again!"
Simone Filetti
Hewlett Packard
“I recently had the pleasure of having Bill Wheeler perform his Hypnosis Show for my daughter’s 21st birthday party. Everyone was enthralled by Bill’s talents, as he very quickly hypnotized my daughter and about 20 of her friends. I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. They then proceeded to entertain the rest of the guests in a totally uninhibited fashion. Yes, a real hoot. The show was hilariously funny and topped off a fantastic day."Thanks Bill
Gai Waterhouse
Gai Waterhouse Racing
"This evening was one of the most entertaining evenings we had ever seen. Bill was not only very professional but he also engaged the crowd tremendously, which created a superb atmosphere. EVERY single person in the crowd was amazed at the variety of the show as well as how tremendously funny it was. I Highly recommend Bill to any of you looking for a hypnotist as you are GUARANTEED to have a blast of a night!"
Danny Cohen
Just wanted to say THANKS for a super show. Your show generated a wide expression of interest from a variety of age groups from the elderly to the younger generation ... and that was great to see in the venue. Everyone keeps asking "When will he be coming back..." so I think you have found yourself a fan base here in Broome.We have never had anything like that here in Broome so I was really pleased to find so many people interested in your show. We will definitely have you back here every year.
Ruth - Marketing and Events Manager
The Divers Tavern, Broome WA
"I am just taking the time to thank you for what has been regarded by many people as one of our best rugby dinners yet. The show yourself and Michael conducted for the UQ Gatton Rugby Club was in simple terms, "absolutely awesome". I would also like to thank you for going out of your way to get up here and put up with our country hospitality.Once again Bill, many thanks for making it one of my and everybody else's best night of entertainment ever. All feedback has been positive and the club has already expressed interest in possibly bringing you back next year for another night full of entertainment."
Ian Becker
University of Queensland Gatton Rugby Club President.
"Thank you so much for Wednesday night. It was a really fantastic show; everything that I had wanted, and much more than I had ever expected. The boy taking his pants off and then running around the audience trying to find Lois Lane was pure comic gold! From our end the audience numbers were great. Moreover, that the audience was so diverse - it's very hard to get Engineers, or Commerce, or Science students to "Arts Festival" gigs. So that has made me and the people that I work with, very happy! We had a big staff meeting with everyone in our office (the Member Services Dept, who look after pretty much all activities for students) on Tuesday morning, and all we could talk about was the show! I have told the Manning bar managers all about it and they have agreed that we should definitely look at having another gig."Congratulations, and thanks once again Bill - I hope to speak to you soon!
Emily Sexton - VERGE Arts Festival Convenor
University of Sydney Union
"A quick letter of gratitude to you and your support crew for hosting an exceptional hypnosis show at our recent company conference at the Entrance, NSW.Results from a survey of our staff found that they considered the entertainment put on by you to be first rate. All of the staff had not laughed so hard in such a long time. As this was a company conference we appreciate the fact that you tailored your show to suit a professional environment.Once again thank you for making a part of our conference highly entertaining."
Stephen Lye - Conference Committee
APP Corporation Pty Ltd
"Bill Wheeler, Hypnotist, participated at our annual company conference on 4 August 2005. It was excellent entertainment for our group after a serious day of strategy etc. Bill was professional, kept the show moving, had the crowd roaring with laughter and just generally created a delightful way to end the conference. There was certainly much talk/laughter the next day amongst staff and those whom had been hypnotised!

Should the occasion arise, we would certainly consider having Bill back to entertain us!"
Angela Jones - Executive Assistant to CEO
Legion Interactive
"Thank you so much for the entertainment for Paul’s 30th Birthday Party. Your show made it such a memorable night. We are still all laughing about it. It is so entertaining to see friends and work colleagues in a state of hypnosis. Thank you for being so organised and even working closely with us to find a suitable venue. We will definitely be keeping you in mind for any future functions. Paul said it was one of the best nights of his life."
Tania Rehana
United Advertising
"I wanted to extend my thanks for your performance at our Christmas party last week. Everyone had such a fantastic time, due in no small part to the entertainment you provided. The staff are still talking about it!We will certainly keep you top of mind for future opportunities."
Andrew J.Burnes, LLb, B.Comm (MELB) - CEO
Sunlover Holidays Pty Ltd
"Just wanted to thank you once again for your performance at our Christmas party on Friday. You did a fantastic job and were certainly the highlight of the day for our guests. Bill, thanks again for providing us with a very entertaining afternoon."
Rebecca Clemson - Executive Assistant to Chief Executive
George Weston Foods - Baking Division
"Every single time I see his show, I laugh until I cry! Easily one of the funniest and entertaining acts out there - can't wait to see him again!"
Cory Watson
Single Market Events
"Bill performed his show whilst on board the Pacific Sun. His shows were very well received throughout the cruise. Bill's show caters to all demographics and we would be pleased to have him again onboard our ships in the future. Passenger comments regarding Bill's show were very positive."
Dan Styne - Cruise Director M.V. Pacific Sun
P&O Princess Cruises
"On behalf of the Jetset Travelworld Group team, I would like to personally thank you for an extremly entertaining hypnosis show you conducted during the first day of our conference. The response from the network audience has been fabulous; all thouroughly enjoyed the show. Additionally it was an excellent break from the more serious presentations we held during that morning.Thanks again Bill, well done."
Gai Tyrrell
The Jetset Travelworld Group - CEO
"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you very much for entertaining us all on Sunday afternoon - a hard time of the day to get people motivated but you did a fantastic job - once again I havent laughed so hard since I saw you in Phuket!We've had fabulous feedback - with many of the agents wanting you to come back again next year!!!All the best in WA this weekend!Thanks again from the SA/NT State team" Thanks again Bill, well done."
Sandy Osborne - State Manager SA/NT
The Jetset Travelworld Group
"The team at Hays would like to thank you for the thoroughly entertaining show you provided for our clients and consultants alike. Since the show we have received call after call form the clients who attended expressing their gratitude and enjoyment during the show.

Everything about the performancewas extremely humorous and hit our audience at the right level. This could become a regular event and we hope to stay in contact . I will be sure to pass on your details onto the other divisions within our organisation for similar events."
Bradley Eisenhuth - Recruitment Consultant
Hays Accountancy & Finance
"WOW, what a really great show, not only for the hypnotism but also your own comedic aspects. This made the show, and yourself an instant hit with both myself and my friends.I had seen hypnotists before, but Bill brought an X-factor to the show. I wasn't just watching the volunteers, I was waiting to hear Bill's jokes and trying to figure out what humourous situation he would come up with next. I had millions of questions for Bill and wanted to congratulate him on an excellent show but I know that, as with the other performers that night, he world probably leave after his show. I was amazed to see that Bill hung around for the rest of the show and even mingled with the audience afterward.A really amazing show, an excellent hypnotist, talented performer and a true nice guy, good work Bill."
Mark Thompson
Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
"I had the pleasure of hosting a 2-day conference for Aristocrat at the Fairmont Resort at Leura recently. We had many interesting and informative speakers but the highlight of the two days was, without doubt Stage Hypnotist Bill Wheeler.He certainly knows his stuff and had everyone present at the dinner totally enthralled and highly amused with his patter and the antics of his "victims".Most entertaining and can obviously tailor his act to any demographic - great stuff Bill!"
John achieved national recognition through his pivotal role as the voice of Australia's longest running variety show Hey Hey It's Saturday which ran for an amazing 28 years on the Nine Network from 1971 to 1999.
John Blackman
It seems that all staff enjoyed your show.Staff were provided with a conference feedback form and question 17 asked:"Did you enjoy the formal dinner on the Friday night? Did you enjoy the hypnotist? Any suggestions or comments?"I've quoted a few comments below for you:"Yes, yes. Fantastic. A great idea.""Enjoyed the dinner and had not laughed so hard since the previous night! Think it was great to have entertainment which involved and engaged everyone.""Who would say no? I absolutely loved it.""The hypnotist was hilarious.""Excellent. Don't know how it can be topped.""Yes. Food was nice. Hypnotist session was hilarious. Never laughed so much before.""It was out of this world. Unbeatable."
Melynda Johnston
Asteron Insurance
"As a club manager I have seen a lot of shows over the years. Bill’s show is without doubt one the funniest I have ever seen. People at the club are still talking about it weeks after the show and asking when he will be returning. We can’t wait to have him back. Bill is a true showman in every sense of the word, his professionalism and hypnotic skill put him in a class of his own. I recommend his show to anyone who is looking for a guaranteed crowd pleaser."
Shane Dollimore
Bronte RSL Club Ltd